Bible Study: Lesson 1


1. Is the word of God important for man today?Yes No
2. Is prophecy the words that God gave to men through the Holy Spirit?Yes No
  Is that prophecy now found in the Scriptures?Yes No

3. If the inspired scriptures (the Bible) give us God's doctrine and tell us how to be righteous and to do all good works, do we need anything additional? Yes No
4. Is it enough to believe the message? Yes No
  What must I do?
5. Will most people go to heaven? Yes No
  Do you want to go to heaven? Yes No
  Since only a few are going to heaven, is the majority a safe guide for your spiritual life? Yes No
6. Are there false messages? Yes No
  Do these false messages come from men's ideas? Yes No
7. Does changing the gospel produce false messages? Yes No
8. Should you respect false doctrines and those who teach them? Yes No


9. To be acceptable to God, must we properly understand his word? Yes No
10. To whom was the Law of Moses (including the Ten Commandments) given?
  Was that Old Law to be replaced in the future? Yes No
11. Were the "requirements" of that Old Law "nailed to the Cross"? Yes No
  Was that "wall" (Commandments) "abolished" in "Christ's flesh" (on the cross) to make one body? Yes No
12. Did Christ take away the first covenant (or law) so that He could establish another law? Yes No
  Is it clear that the "first covenant" was the Law of Moses?
Yes No
  When did Christ's will (or testament) take effect?
13. Have we been delivered from that Old Law (dead to it) so we can have a relationship with Christ? Yes No
  NOTE: Quoting one of the Ten Commandments ("You shall not covet") in Romans 7:7 shows that the entire Law of Moses is no longer in effect.
14. If the Law of Moses was a "tutor" and no one is under the tutor after the faith of Christ was revealed, is anyone under the Law of Moses today? Yes No
  NOTE: Newer laws replace older laws, but contain some of the same principles.
15. Whose message do we follow today?
16. Did Christ's message come with authority? Yes No
17. Did Christ teach Moses' Law with authority? Yes No
18. Do the books of the New Testament contain the commands of God? Yes No
  By saying that some men were corrupting Paul's letters like they were the "other" Scriptures, did Peter imply that Paul's letters were Scripture? Yes No
19. Is it your understanding that the New Testament contains the spiritual law now in effect? Yes No
  Where can you find out how to be forgiven of sins and become a follower of Christ?
  Where can you find out how to worship God and live a life acceptable to him?


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