Bible Study: Lesson 6


1. Do you believe that God's word, as found in the books of the New Testament, is our only source of religious guidance and instruction today? Yes No
2. Do you believe that God will reward all those who live according to His instructions and punish those who do not? Yes No

Have you followed God's commands for having your sins forgiven, including:

  • Believing in God and in Jesus His son
  • Repenting of past sins
  • Confessing Jesus as the Christ
  • Being baptized (immersed in water) for the remission of sins?

Yes No

4. Do you believe that it is necessary for Christians to assemble on the first day of each week, to worship God by singing, partaking of the Lord's Supper, praying, giving, and teaching or hearing God's word? Yes No
5. Do you believe that Christians must continue to be faithful to God and obey all his commands? Yes No
6. Are there any actions you need to take to be confident of your soul's salvation? Yes No
  If yes, what actions do you need to take?
  When should you take those actions?


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