What Christ Gave Up

When we remember all that Christ gave up for us:

  • Christ gave up heaven, that we might have heaven as our home. (II Cor. 8:9, I Tim. 1:15, Jn. 14:2-3)
  • Christ gave up acceptance by men, that we might be accepted by God. (Is. 53:3, Jn. 1:11, Luke 20:13-15, Mat. 26:67, 27:27-31, Heb. 12:21, Gal. 3:13)
  • Christ was put to death, that we might be made alive. (Is. 53:6-12, Mat. 20:28, Heb. 2:9, Jn. 10:11, I Cor. 15:45, Col. 2:13, I Pet. 2:24)

We should ask ourselves: What have we given up for Christ?

  • Only things of no great value to us?
  • Only the minimum we think we can get away with?
  • Everything we have-because that is what He gave up for us.

Your worth to the Lord is measured by
what you are willing to give up for Him.


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