This Day is a Day of Good News (II Kings 7:3-9)

A Lesson in Evangelism from Four Lepers (II Kings 7:3-9)

  • Comparisons between then and now.
    • There was a famine.
      • Then:of food
      • Now:of spiritual blessings
    • There was abundance available.
      • Then:in the Syrians' camp
      • Now:in Christ Jesus
    • Some found the blessings.
      • Then:the four lepers
      • Now:those in Christ
  • A contrast between then and now.
    • Then:The four lepers told the good news.
    • Now:We often hoard the blessings to ourselves because .
      • Some are still starving in the midst of plenty.
      • Some claim others are not interested.
      • Some are too afraid of offending others.
      • Some are in denial that those around them are lost.
      • Some hide behind their lack of knowledge.
      • Could it be that we just do not care and are just not willing to put forth the effort?
  • The conclusion:
    • Then:The lepers said "We are not doing right.This day is a day of good news, and we remain silent. some punishment will come upon us."
  • Today:What have we concluded?


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