He Must Increase, I must Decrease

  • John's message was moral and religious reform.
    • Be fair in business (Luke 3:13).
    • Don't abuse power (Luke 3:14).
    • Don't be greedy (Luke 3:14).
    • Abandon immoral marriages (Mark 6:18).
    • Take care of those around you (Luke 3:11).
    • He preached a repentance that must be followed by a change in action (Matt. 3:2-10).
  • John was successful because:
    • He kept a focus on his mission: to prepare people for the coming Christ (Mark 1:2-3; Luke 1:17, 3:4-6).
    • He had courage: his message cost him his freedom and his life (Mark 6:19-29).
    • He accepted inconveniences and hardships: he gave up the easy lifestyle and went to the people (Matt. 3:3-5).
    • He was willing to put aside his will and personal success so Christ could "increase" (John 3:30).
  • A sign of spiritual growth is seeing yourself progressively put "yourself" aside so Christ can increase in your life.


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