Parents as Archers

Great parents, like great archers (Prov. 127:3-5) must have:

  • Vision-to clearly see and keep their eyes fixed on the goal they have for their children.
  • Self-discipline-to live a life that will move their children closer to the target, not farther away.
  • Strength-to control their children to carefully aim, and train, and propel them toward the target.
    • Parents must not allow dis-respect to continue without correction (Prov. 30:17).
    • Parents must not ignore a child's stubbornness without correction (Prov. 19:27, 29:5, 22:15).
    • Parents must not practice lax discipline (Prov. 29:17, 13:24, 19:18).

Parents have a great responsibility to a child to help " deliver his soul from hell. " (Prov. 23:13-14).


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