The Twenty-third Psalm

Psalm 23-The Shepherd's Psalm

The person of the shepherd (23:1)

  • Not a lord, the LORD (Jehovah God, Exo. 3:15).
  • Not a shepherd, but my shepherd.

The provision of the shepherd (23:2-3)

  • Making to lie down in green pas-tures.
    • Satisfying physical needs.
    • Satisfying emotional needs.
  • Leading by still waters.
    • Satisfying the thirst.
    • Keeping away from dangerous watering places.
  • The sheep are restored.
  • The green pasture and the still waters are a place to stop, but not a place to stay.

The pathway of the shepherd (23:3)

  • Following His path honors the great name of the Shepherd.

The protection of the shepherd (23:4)

  • The "valley of the shadow of death" is the gloomy perils of this life.
  • The sheep of Jehovah always come through the valley.


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