Triumphal Entry

From the events of the "Triumphal Entry" of
Christ into Jerusalem (John 12:12 - 19), we see:

  • Human popularity is shallow and short-lived.
    (Within a week of shouting "Hosanna!" and "King of the Jews!" the people were shouting, "Crucify Him!")
  • The Scriptures are reliable.
    (All prophesies about Christ were fulfilled--down to His riding on the colt of a donkey.)
  • Jesus' willingness to lay down His life (John 10:18, Heb. 7:27, Heb. 9:26).
    (He made Himself available to His captors in a very visible way.)
  • Jesus' kingdom was not to be an earthly kingdom (John 18:36, I Cor. 15:24 - 25).
    (When He approached Jerusalem with thousands of followers with Him and many more Jews in Jerusalem, this would have been the ideal time to challenge the Romans. But He did not!)


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